Endorsements for Counsel One Another/Counsel Your Flock

“This book gets it right! Comprehensive and convincing, Counsel One Another shows how true biblical counseling and preaching fit hand-in-glove. Those who preach, teach, or counsel regularly are sure to benefit greatly from this helpful resource.”
John MacArthur, Pastor-teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, author of over 200 books

“A gathering storm surrounds the day in which we live, a dark hour in which the absolute sufficiency of the Scripture has come under attack. But how refreshing--and rare--to see a book like this that asserts the irresistible power of God's Word to develop true discipleship by the sovereign working of His Spirit. This is not a 'trendy book' like so many, blown about by the prevailing evangelical winds. Rather, here is an anchor for authentic ministry that will stimulate real spiritual growth in God's people. May the Lord set an open door before this book and use it to affect the lives of many.”
Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor,
Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama, author of numerous books

”The ministry of counseling has far too long been relegated to the professional counselor. Paul Tautges in his book Counsel One Another brings the biblical command for discipleship right back to the local church and to all believers. He takes the word counseling, a word often perceived as only for professionals, a threatening word to the average church layman as a job they dare not do, and helps to reduce that fear and encourages them to fulfill their responsibility by uniquely redefining it biblically as intensely focused and personal discipleship. Rather than send people who are struggling spiritually, socially and emotionally to a limited group of professionals, Tautges makes the case theologically that the responsibility for all church members is to disciple one another and to restore hurting people. He makes it clear that it is not just the pastors that are responsible to counsel, but also a one another ministry for all who claim the name of Christ. This is a must read for every pastor and layman who take Matthew 28 and discipleship in the local church seriously, as Christ commanded.”
Ron Allchin, director of the Biblical Counseling Center near Chicago, author of Ripening Sonship

Paul Tautges’s book is readable, accessible, practical and biblical. More than just a handbook for Christian counsellors, Counsel One Another encourages and enables the Church to address the need for biblical discipleship. Loaded with information and application this is an excellent workbook for all Christians who are seeking to grow in grace and take their rightful place in the body of Christ.

Dr. Jim Winter, UK pastor for over twenty-five years, international lecturer, and author of Opening up Ecclesiastes, Depression: A Rescue Plan, and Travel with William Booth.

Building Disciples on the Word of God...for the sake of His Name.