February 14 2021
Series: Philippians

Quit Your Grumbling and Complaining

Bible Passage: Philippians 2:14-16

“We are by nature complainers. We live in a whining world. The whole world is whining.” Says Paul Tautges in his message titled, “Stop Your Grumbling and Quarreling.” Grumbling and complaining are certainly not new problems. In the first part of his message, Pastor Paul highlighted multiple examples in the Old Testament books of Exodus and Numbers where the Israelites bitterly complained against God and against Moses in the wilderness. They had much better food when they were slaves in Egypt. They didn’t have enough water. They accused Moses of trying to kill them all in the wilderness. It provoked God to anger and it resulted in strong discipline from the Lord.
What can we learn from these examples? What’s the heart behind our grumbling and complaining? And how can we overcome our temptation to grumble and complain and murmur?